Case Studies

GreenSeam+Rust Communications“Our distributor had product available as needed--no waiting for special deliveries. Cost is competitive with traditional spiral and custom manufactured ducts making them cost effective"
GreenSeam+Nolensville High School“Before we committed to the product we had representatives from GreenSeam Industries demonstrate that the pipe would perform as promised,” said Meacham. “After the testing we were convinced this product was for us."
GreenSeam+St. Elizabeth's Hospital“This project was the first where we used the GreenSeam Plus system,” said Lackey. “The installers really like the product because it’s fast to install and works so well. As a result, it’s the only product we use on all low-pressure pipe systems.”


2017 Sheet Metal Industry NightFriday, March 3, 2017

GreenSeam Industries exhibited at the 13th Annual Sheet Metal Industry Night last night in Pittsburgh, PA. read more

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