Factory Sealed Pipe and Fittings from Start to Finish.

Here at GreenSeam Industries we strive to provide a completely factory sealed pipe and fittings system for the low pressure side of commercial and residential HVAC systems.  Our system provides a SMACNA Class 3 seal without needing to apply additional sealants or tapes, saving you time and money.

Our products are Union Made right here in Western Pennsylvania in our state of the art manufacturing facility.  This allows us to deliver consistent, high quality, products fast.  GreenSeam products improve your jobsite performance and finished project quality by reducing time on the job and installation cost.

GreenSeam Industries has long been an advocate of Green Building standards.  Our components are key elements of today’s sustainable HVAC systems.  We are an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and other Green Building organizations.

Our engineering staff has pioneered an innovative duct system to simplify complex HVAC industry problems, making GreenSeam Industries one of the best sources for engineers and contractors, nationwide.




We offer products for high efficient systems that are developed to conform to LEED® and other Green Building Initiatives. All pipe and fitting products are union-made--pipe is available in yellow label, fittings with a blue or a yellow label.

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